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Bathroom Renovation Schedule

bathroom renovations pretoria east

Day 1 : On the first day, FC Bathroom Renovations start breaking the old tiles and remove the old sanitary ware
Day 2 : We build in the under tile taps, new pipes and new drainage points where necessary
Day 3 : Build in new bath, building and waterproofing of shower floor
Day 4 & 5 : Tiling of walls and floors
Day 6 : Grouting and cleaning
Day 7 & 8 : Installation of basins, toilet, shower door, cornices and down lights
Day 9 : Final inspection and necessary touch ups

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Bathroom Renovators

bathroom renovations pretoriaBathrooms are spaces we use every day and for that reason it should be a pleasant environment for everyone in the family. To get the best space in your bathroom, you need to use mirrors and good light. Mirrors provide a sense of deep relaxation and visually enlarge the space.

When starting with your Bathroom Renovation, remember to plan the design and everything else carefully before planning your inspiring decorating. An effective layout balances the overall appeal where you can move around freely. The colour green makes the space more welcoming. It is good to get professional advice on bathroom layout and define the areas in your bathroom that needs attention to enjoy the results with no regrets.

Inspiration comes from all sorts of sources so use all the research you can to get the best out of your Bathroom Renovations. For more information on FC Bathroom Renovations Pretoria based, contact us on: 071 242 4558

Madiba Day

bathroom renovations costbathroom renovations pretoriaFC Bathroom Renovations is proud to announce that we made a donation of R2000 to Jumping Kids Charity. Fred is also a Jumping Kids ambassador and was at The Grove’s “Celebrate Life” day with `Groot FM’ and several glamour personalities.

Please contact FC Bathroom Renocation if you would like to know more about us or for your Bathroom Renovations Cost and we will be happy to assits you.

Call us for Bathroom Renovations Pretoria based on: 071 242 4558


Bathroom Renovation Cost Estimator

bathroom renovation_cost_estimator

Usually when potential buyers take a look at a new property, they will start off by checking the bathrooms in the house to see if there is any leakage, damaged flooring or any harm done. That is why it is so important to have regular bathroom maintenance. If your bathroom is not in a good condition, it would be best to rather renovate or remodel it.

When finding the right company to renovate your bathroom, remember to do research on how much it will cost you to do these renovations. FCBR will be happy to assist you with our Bathroom Renovations Cost Estimator to help you get the best quality equipment for the lowest prices.

You can also take a look at our shop page to get prices on bathroom equipment or you can contact FC Bathroom Renovations Pretoria based to get in touch with us.


Modern Bathroom Designs

bathroom remodeling in pretoriaWhen you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, you need to think of the following:

Determine the bathroom layout
Always remember to think of the person/persons that is living with you in your home and are also uses the bathroom. It is important to think of future buyers when creating a layout; this will play a big role in deciding if you want to add a tub or only a shower for example. If your family does not make use of a tub, it will be best to only include a shower and use the open space for a bigger shower or storage cabinet.

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Your Expert Bathroom Renovators

bathroom renovations in pretoriaFC Bathroom Renovations In Pretoria strives to provide and maintain client satisfaction throughout all of our renovations projects. With a wide range of services in the renovations industry, we pride ourselves in our work and to create a personal touch and full involvement in all of our projects.

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