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Be Prepared

renovations in_pretoriaRenovating a bathroom space has become a popular trend and can easily add value to your property later on. Bathroom Renovation however, can quickly become a very expensive project.


Obviously everyone wants to spend the least amount of money possible, especially during home renovations, but most of the time going for less expensive options of something could turn around and haunt you. Being prepared and ealistic when it comes to your budget can save you a lot of heartache!


Do your homework and research. Get quotes from various suppliers and companies, and be sure to compare quality and service. This will give you a good idea of the market related costs for your renovation project. Keep in mind what your property is worth, although Bathroom Renovations can add value to your property, you do not want to over-capitalize.


When remodeling or doing a Bathroom Renovation, keep your reasoning in mind. For example: Are you a homeowner, wanting to renovate your own home for you to continue living in for five or more years? You can then personalize the renovation to your own needs and preferences. However, if you are planning on renting or selling your home, you might want to choose a clean, simplistic and neutral design and colours that aren't limited to a specific person's style.


You will need to choose fittings, fixtures and materials, receive quotes and prices regarding these items and then have estimated costs drawn up. Do not forget to include building materials, electrical and plumbing installation, delivery and labour. We suggest to always have a little extra in the budget, to be allocated to unforeseen circumstances, such as breakages or damages.


Contact FC Bathroom Renovations, your go-to Bathroom Renovators in Pretoria.

Tips & Tricks for Bathroom Renovations

Deciding to take on a renovation project can be overwhelming if you are not prepared for what lies ahead. There is a lot that a bathroom renovation or remodeling project consists of and unless you are a qualified professional, such as FC Bathroom Renovations, the whole process could be quite bathroom renovationstressful.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ease you into renovations:

  • Be prepared - Have a Realistic Budget and Know what a Renovation Costs
  • Understand your Space and Dimensions - Know what your space can allow and what not!
  • Aesthetics & Finishing Touches - A little extra detail can go a long way! • 
  • Lighting - A well-lit bathroom is a huge necessity, especially when natural source of light is limited.
  • Tiles - The size, shape, colour and texture of tiles and combinations of tiles can greatly influence the space. Some tiles enhance a space, whereas others do not.
  • Choose the right Accessories, Basins, Bathtubs and Toilets, this could make or break your space!

For all your Bathroom Renovation Needs contact FC Bathroom Renovations, Your Expert Bathroom Renovators.

Low cost bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation_in_pretoriaSo you're ready to redecorate and redecorate your bathroom. But losing thousands on a deluxe spa retreat  or bathroom renovation is light years away from what you can have enough money to spend. Here's the best information: You don't need mega-millions to convert your rest room into a chilled, cool area. There are plenty of approaches to renovate and redesign on a finances.

In step with remodeling magazine's cost vs. Price document, a mean rest room redesign costs around R10,500 whilst an upscale redecorate goes to run you a hefty R26,000. However, if you do the work yourself and get innovative, This vintage house estimates that you can do a remodel for R1,000 to three,000, or maybe much less, relying on how an awful lot you want to trade.

Moreover, updating or adding a toilet to your house is a domestic improvement undertaking that adds price. In other phrases, you'll recoup a extensive part of expenses when you sell your own home, as an awful lot as one hundred%.

Determine how a good deal you may have the funds for to spend on your remodel to decide the quantity of the changes you may make. In case your price range is on the low cease (i.E. R1,000 or much less), you'll need to paste to beauty changes, which include new fixtures or a new sink, and new paint. If you have extra to spend, you may cognizance on large adjustments, together with including tile, a larger shower, or a window. Once more, all of it depends on your finances.

So what can you do to save cash on your rest room redesign or redesign

Fcbr are specalist in bathroom renovations and tiling in pretoria. for more info, give us a call on  082 497 5865

Bathroom Tiling Preparation

bathroom tilingIn case you are planning to perform a bathroom tiling or basic renovation, put together the plan properly earlier before laying the tile. Here are some things to consider when bathroom renovating or laying the tiles.

Remove the toilet.

Before you install any tile within the toilet, ensure that the toilet is out of the way. You may deploy the tile around the edge of the bathroom; however, in most cases, it'll result in a lot of issues.

Remove previous flooring

You may need to do away with previous flooring before you can continue with the activity. for example current tiles or vinyl on a concrete subfloors.

Concrete Board

If you are making use of a wooden subfloor, install concrete board earlier before your tiles.


Spend some time with developing a layout of your tiles and how you are going to ensure precision.

For Professional tiling and bathroom renovation, contact FCBR today

Bathroom and Ceilings Repairs

bathroom and_ceiling_repairs
If you're mending the wall or ceiling, live the sq. or rectangular space of the wall that you simply cut out from Step two. Use these dimensions to chop a replacement piece of drywall to suit, 2" longer and 2" wider than the outlet. Lay the replacement piece of drywall on a flat surface with the backside facing up. live in 1'' from all four edges and draw a line employing a pencil. this could kind a form the scale of the outlet. employing a straight edge and utility knife, pass over the backside paper and also the drywall mineral, however not the front-facing layer of paper. employing a spatula, peel away solely the backside paper and mineral layer. take care to not tear the front-facing paper.

FCBR is a ceiling and bathroom renovations company in pretoria. for More information, give us a call on 082 497 5865

The House of Your Dreams

plumbers in_pretoriaBefore you buy the home you have dreamt of , ensure to full inspection of all plumbing features.

it's your dream home . you make a bid . your offer is accepted. You order an inspection. The inspection is completed. Or is it? Homebuyer inspections are the guideline nowadays. every so often plumbers in pretoria are known as in to do a greater thorough follow up inspection. lamentably, this often takes place after the home has already been purchased.

Too many times we discover that the homeowner didn't realize the present condition of their plumbing system... and we end up being the bearer of bad news . Each home's plumbing system may have its personal troubles and applications. There are a few not so unusual things a plumbing pro might take a look at before  purchasing a home.

These include : Main sewer, Water heaters, Toilets and lots more

Fcbr is a plumbing company based in Pretoria. Give us a call today on and get your dream home plumbing efficient

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