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Small Change Tips

Renovating Services In Pretoria FcbrBetween showering, getting ready for work, using the toilet, and cleaning, you spend a lot more time in that little room than you probably think. Yet, for many homeowners, bathroom renovations fall fairly low on their list of improvements to make. Fc Bathroom Renovations offers Renovating Services In Pretoria, we will transform your bathroom from old to new in just 7 days maximum. Here are some small changes tips from us that can make a big difference. Create space - Nothing can create the illusion of space the way lighting can. Along with lighting, colour is your best friend when it comes to bathroom renovations on a budget. Contact Fc Bathroom Renovations for more information on our Renovating Services In Pretoria.

Build Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Company In Pretoria Fcbr


First of all, redesigning your bathroom is a necessary home renovation agenda and is most rewarding when your spirits soar while appreciating the completed result.

Our effective Bathroom Renovation company In Pretoria will take care of all your physical and stress relief needs. This involves designing, choosing and installing the correct bathroom fitting for your home.

We will always provide you with advice and suggestions but for all this it is very necessary to trust your instincts and form a clear picture of what you want. We will do the rest!

Contact FCBR,your nearest Bathroom Renovation company In Pretoria.

FCBR Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Repairs In Pretoria Fcbr


If you are designing and building a new bathroom or renovating your old bathroom, it is very important to have a proper plan.

Many people pay attention to the design of the bathroom but neglect the plumbing.

FC Bathroom Renovations offers Bathroom Repairs In Pretoria which are services that most home owners don't even consider until after a problem arises.

The majority of people simply expect to turn on a faucet and have water flow from it without really thinking about it.

However, the systems within the bathroom which bring the water are actually quite complex.

Contact FC Bathroom Renovations today to help you with your Bathroom Repairs In Pretoria.

Which Bathroom Sink Is Right For You?

Bathroom Renovations Company Jhb Fcbr


As a bathroom renovations company Jhb and Pretoria based we would like to advise to consider changing your bathroom sink. Many home owners want to improve their homes and this can be done by simply adding various fittings to the overall picture of your bathroom such as adding corner pedestal sinks, bathroom counter tops, bathroom vanity sinks or corner bath sinks etc. It's modern but classic at the same time. No matter if your home decor is stylish with a lot of modern accessories or classic with solid, a furniture corner bathroom sink will look great in your bathroom no matter how small or big it is. If you spice it up with different colours, the result can be even better. Usually finding a place for sink is hard, the most important thing to look for is functionality. Don't buy something just because it looks aesthetically good. Contact our bathroom renovations company Jhb and Pretoria based for the best solutions.

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Residential Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Company In Pretoria Fcbr


Nothing lasts forever, eventually things do need fixing and maintenance. As a residential property maintenance company in Pretoria we provide our clients with services such as painting, tiling, carpentry (ceiling and polystyrene cornices), plumbing and waterproofing.


We are professionals that have been in the industry for many years and are proud to be a leading renovating company in Gauteng. Power saving on geyser blankets and Heat Pumps are just some of the benefits of general maintenance from our property maintenance company in Pretoria.


Contact FCBR today on: 071 242 4558 for your free quotation.

Small Building Alteration Services

Renovators In Pretoria FcbrFC Bathroom Renovations consist of an experienced and professional team of Renovators In Pretoria that specialize in bathroom renovations as well as small building alterations. We offer painting, tiling, carpentry, plumbing, waterproofing and general maintenance on residential properties. We will provide our clients with free advice on their choice of tiles, we assist with the purchasing of sanitary ware as well as drawing up the perfect layout. FC Bathroom Renovators In Pretoria is a reliable workforce which is under continuous supervision which you can trust. Contact FC Bathroom Renovations today to make your small building or bathroom alterations today!

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