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Increase the Value of Your Property

Bathroom Renovations Pretoria Fcbr



If you are looking at increasing the value of your property the first room you should look at is the bathroom, it is a personal room which always needs to be clean and tidy and it will increase the value of your house the most.


Many people special in home renovation but why not look at people who specifically specialise in Bathroom Renovations Pretoria based such as FC Bathroom Renovations who has over 10 years of experience in the industry and who can advise you best.


Contact FC Bathroom Renovations Pretoria based today on 071 242 4558 and we will gladly ensure your bathroom is looking its best.

First Impression Is The Best Impression

Bathroom Renovations- In Gauteng Fcbr


These days who doesn't want to redecorate the look of their bathroom and what can be a more superior way than to install stylish bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles. With so many designs available, one can now easily put their different design ideas into practice through the services of FC Bathroom Renovations In Gauteng. To convert the look one can even make use of special hand painted ceramic wall tiles to enliven the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom fittings are fairly significant too, as the restroom is the place which is most repeatedly used. It, in addition, has occasional guests and visitors. Your first impression is the best impression; likewise the bathroom should be hygienic and appear good for any guest to feel at ease. If the bath fittings have been ignored at the time of building your bathroom, then it is high time that it should be modernized to look grand.

Contact FC Bathroom Renovations In Gauteng on 071 242 4558 and we will gladly assist you with all your requirements.

Looking To Renovate Your Bathroom In A Week?

Bathroom Renovations Fcbr


We all know that nothing lasts forever and this is why it is necessary for Bathroom Renovations every now and then when needing be. Renovating is usual a long process, depending on what all needs to be done and how large your bathroom is. Here at FCBR, when you accept our Bathroom Renovations quotation, we will accompany you to the dealer to pick and buy your tiles and sanitary ware.

•Day 1: We start breaking the old tiles and remove the old sanitary ware

•Day 2: We build in the under tile taps, new pipes and new drainage points where necessary.

•Day 3: Build in new bath, building & waterproofing of shower floor.

•Day 4 & 5: Tiling of walls & floors

•Day 6: Grouting & cleaning

•Day 7 & 8: Installation of basins. Toilet, shower door, cornices and down lights.

•Day 9: Final inspection and necessary touch ups.

Please note that the above time frames are only an estimate and can be shorter or longer depending of the size of your bathroom.

Do You Need A Plumber?

Plumbers Pretoria Fcbr


When you develop plumbing issues in your home, chances are that you become frustrated. Usually, this is because you do not know how to fix it. Although major plumbing problems require the help of professionals, simple problems can be fixed by you.


At FC Bathroom Renovations we have professional and experienced Plumbers Pretoria based who aim to provide the best quality of plumbing service to our customers for the best value of money. We do domestic, commercial as well as industrial plumbing in all areas of Gauteng.


We also offer the best quality bathroom products including a Geyser Blanket, which can be very useful. We constantly strive to stay on the cutting edge of new technology. Contact FCBR on 071 242 4558 if you are seeking Plumbers Pretoria based.

Years Of Renovating Experience

Bathroom Renovations Gauteng Fcbr


Renovations for your house are fairly common today. Sometimes alterations are required to fit and expanding family, while aging houses requires work to be up to date and functional. While renovation expenses can become burdensome, but did you know that not renovating could cost you more? Various real estate experts attest that the bathroom is one of the most critical factors measuring the resale value of your home and one of the chief concerns of prospective homebuyers. Here at FC Bathroom Renovations Gauteng based we specialize in bathroom renovations. Bathrooms can positively contribute to the value of the house by their plush features. While every bathroom has a sink and bath tub and toilet, not all of them contain whirlpool tubs, recessed lighting or ostentatious features such as heated tile. Gutting the bathroom and putting on new shower units, toilets, and sinks would create a whole new bathroom that can increase the selling value and the likelihood of selling your home. Contact FCBR today on: 071 242 4558 for your free quotation on Bathroom Renovations Gauteng based!

Keep The Value Of Your Property With Our Maintenance Services

Pretoria Property Maintenance Fcbr


Nothing lasts forever; eventually things do need fixing and maintenance.

Fc Bathroom renovations offer Pretoria Property Maintenance services on all residential properties.

We do all maintenance on painting, tiling, carpentry (Ceilings & polystyrene cornices), plumbing and waterproofing.

Power saving on geyser blankets and Heat Pumps are just some of the benefits of general maintenance.

We are professionals that have been in the industry for many years.

FC Bathroom Renovations has a reliable workforce which is under continuous supervision which you can trust

Contact FCBR today on: 071 242 4558 for your free quotation on Pretoria Property Maintenance


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