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Are you considering a new bathroom sink ?

Bathroom Renovations Company Jhb Fcbr


As a bathroom renovations company in Pretoria , we feel each home owner should be aware of certain aspects before changing a bathroom sink w

Many home owners want to improve their homes and this can be done by simply adding various fittings to the overall picture of your bathroom such as adding corner pedestal sinks, bathroom counter tops, bathroom vanity sinks or corner bath sinks etc.

It's modern but classic at the same time. No matter if your home decor is stylish with a lot of modern accessories or classic with solid, a furniture corner bathroom sink will look great in your bathroom no matter how small or big it is. If you spice it up with different colours, the result can be even better. Usually finding a place for sink is hard, the most important thing to look for is functionality. Don't buy something just because it looks aesthetically good. Contact our bathroom renovations company Jhb and Pretoria based for the best solutions.

Source: http://www.articlesfactory.com/

Do you have a dripping bathroom tap ?

plumbing services_in_pretoria
A dripping Bathroom tap can be annoying and a waste of money. how do you know you really have a problem ?.
Experts from the Bathrom renovations company in pretoria advise that since Water leakages in many instances are difficult to locate or detect, you need to contact a professional.

FCBR are experts in Bathroom renovations and plumbing. we are staffed with plumbers with over 10 years of experience in the industry to assist with household plumbing services.

Dont get flooded. Contact Your plumbing company in pretoria today for a quick reponse to your leakage

Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day

At FC Bathroom Renovations we understand the sentimental, underlying value of Nelson Mandela Day day.

On this day, last year we had the honor of being able to give back. We gathered our staff members to go and donate in person R2000.00 to the Jumping Kids Charity.

We continuously look for ways to give back to the community as the support we receiving from the community at FC Bathroom Renovations is heart warming.

Contact your Bathroom Renovations Company in Pretoria and find out more about our charity events on Nelson Mandela day on 012 347 6928

10 things to think about before renovating your home

home renovators_in_PretoriaFrom trusted home renovators in pretoria , below is your checklist that you need to complete before renovating your home.

1) Budget!. Although is a good idea to keep a sctrict budget when is comes to renovation is hightly recommended that you save an extra 20% over and above what you have budgeted to make provision for items that you may have not accounted for when budgeting.

2) Find a reputable contracter. I can not stress the importance of finding a contracter with a good reputation. Dealing with a half done house with a ridiculous time frame (More tham expected) can be daunting.

3) Be realistic. Although it is normal to dream of  getting a million dollar renovation, we need to keep in mind the budget we have and how realistic our dream is when looking at the allocated budget.

Listed above are 3 things to keep in mind from Fcbr (home renovators in pretoria) when budgeting for a renovation

The perfect Bathroom Painting Job

bathroom paintingyou will definately know when your bathroom renovator has done the perfect job at renovating your bathroom when

1) When the perfect colour has been chosen to fit the bathroom size and accomodate the bathroom lighting.

2) Good Quality material has been used. Since bathroom walls take all the beating from the heavy bath steam to     water splashes to your hair sprays it is an efficient bathroom renovators job to ensure that the bathroom paint     is of good quality and is durable.

3) All Expects of your drywall have an even texture even after the bathroom painting.

4) when you clearly see your defined drywall corners

5) Easy Upkeep. 

Ensure that you thouroughly check your bathroom to ensure you get your money's worth.

Bathroom Repair Services

Bathroom Repairs In Pretoria FcbrIf you are designing and building a new bathroom or renovating your old bathroom, it is very important to have a proper plan.


Many people pay attention to the design of the bathroom but neglect the plumbing.


Fc Bathroom Renovations offers Bathroom Repairs In Pretoria which are services that most home owners do not even consider until after a problem arises.


The majority of people simply expect to turn on a faucet and have water flow from it without really thinking about it.


However, the systems within the bathroom which bring the water are actually quite complex.


Contact Fc Bathroom renovations today to help you with your Bathroom Repairs In Pretoria.

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