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Be Prepared

renovations in_pretoriaRenovating a bathroom space has become a popular trend and can easily add value to your property later on. Bathroom Renovation however, can quickly become a very expensive project.


Obviously everyone wants to spend the least amount of money possible, especially during home renovations, but most of the time going for less expensive options of something could turn around and haunt you. Being prepared and ealistic when it comes to your budget can save you a lot of heartache!


Do your homework and research. Get quotes from various suppliers and companies, and be sure to compare quality and service. This will give you a good idea of the market related costs for your renovation project. Keep in mind what your property is worth, although Bathroom Renovations can add value to your property, you do not want to over-capitalize.


When remodeling or doing a Bathroom Renovation, keep your reasoning in mind. For example: Are you a homeowner, wanting to renovate your own home for you to continue living in for five or more years? You can then personalize the renovation to your own needs and preferences. However, if you are planning on renting or selling your home, you might want to choose a clean, simplistic and neutral design and colours that aren't limited to a specific person's style.


You will need to choose fittings, fixtures and materials, receive quotes and prices regarding these items and then have estimated costs drawn up. Do not forget to include building materials, electrical and plumbing installation, delivery and labour. We suggest to always have a little extra in the budget, to be allocated to unforeseen circumstances, such as breakages or damages.


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