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Bathroom and Ceilings Repairs

bathroom and_ceiling_repairs
If you're mending the wall or ceiling, live the sq. or rectangular space of the wall that you simply cut out from Step two. Use these dimensions to chop a replacement piece of drywall to suit, 2" longer and 2" wider than the outlet. Lay the replacement piece of drywall on a flat surface with the backside facing up. live in 1'' from all four edges and draw a line employing a pencil. this could kind a form the scale of the outlet. employing a straight edge and utility knife, pass over the backside paper and also the drywall mineral, however not the front-facing layer of paper. employing a spatula, peel away solely the backside paper and mineral layer. take care to not tear the front-facing paper.

FCBR is a ceiling and bathroom renovations company in pretoria. for More information, give us a call on 082 497 5865

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