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10 things to think about before renovating your home

home renovators_in_PretoriaFrom trusted home renovators in pretoria , below is your checklist that you need to complete before renovating your home.

1) Budget!. Although is a good idea to keep a sctrict budget when is comes to renovation is hightly recommended that you save an extra 20% over and above what you have budgeted to make provision for items that you may have not accounted for when budgeting.

2) Find a reputable contracter. I can not stress the importance of finding a contracter with a good reputation. Dealing with a half done house with a ridiculous time frame (More tham expected) can be daunting.

3) Be realistic. Although it is normal to dream of  getting a million dollar renovation, we need to keep in mind the budget we have and how realistic our dream is when looking at the allocated budget.

Listed above are 3 things to keep in mind from Fcbr (home renovators in pretoria) when budgeting for a renovation

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