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Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Bathroom

Your luxury home likely came with an impressive master bathroom. But you want it to be more than just functional. You want it to be luxuriating. With that in mind, we'll present several ideas below for upgrading your bathroom. The following suggestions will help transform the space into a retreat that will make any day look brighter.


Idea #1: Pamper Yourself With A Rain Shower - Rain showers are designed with large showerheads that release water in a manner that mimics the fall of rain. The spray's pattern and pressure creates a massaging sensation, similar to standing beneath a small waterfall. This provides an indulgent shower that you may find difficult to leave.


Idea #2: Install Dual Vanities - Double vanities offer a number of advantages over a traditional single-sink vanity. You and your spouse can use the space at the same time. You'll also have more storage space for your respective toiletries. You'll probably need to modify the plumbing in your bathroom to accommodate two sinks. Although it's an inconvenience, it's also a one-time event.


Idea #3: Invest In Radiant Heat Flooring - The floor of a traditional master bathroom can remain unpleasantly cold. Heat rises, leaving the tiles chilly to the touch. Radiant heat systems ensure that your floors stay warm when you're in the bathroom. When you climb out of the tub or leave the shower, you won't be shocked by the frigid cold of the tiles.


Idea #4: Allow More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom - Natural light does more than simply brighten a room - it lifts the room's mood. In your master bathroom, ample sunlight can make the space seem more welcoming and relaxing. If your bathroom lacks windows, you can use specific types of artificial light to create a similar effect. For example, install ambient lighting to provide an undercurrent of soft light. Tasteful task lighting positioned near the vanity can provide illumination without creating an annoying glare. Use accent lights in specific areas of your master bathroom to further brighten the space.


Idea #5: Install A Towel Warmer - A towel warmer does exactly as its name implies - it keeps your towel warm while you're in the shower or tub. Towel warmers offer additional benefits. They can help dry damp towels after use. They can also provide heat for the bathroom, much like a space heater.
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