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Modern Bathroom Designs

bathroom remodeling in pretoriaWe specialize in Bathroom Remodeling In Pretoria. When you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, you need to think of the following:

Determine the bathroom layout
Always remember to think of the person/persons that is living with you in your home and are also uses the bathroom. It is important to think of future buyers when creating a layout; this will play a big role in deciding if you want to add a tub or only a shower for example. If your family does not make use of a tub, it will be best to only include a shower and use the open space for a bigger shower or storage cabinet.

Materials you are going to use in the bathroom
Tiles offer a wide range of colours and styles to keep your bathroom interesting. Stone, mosaic and grout might be best to use in showers. Choose your hardware (shower heads, cabinet pulls and faucets) carefully so that every part comes together to create a personality for your bathroom.

How you want to use the storage in the bathroom
There are lots of storage choices to choose from. Vanities are getting more popular because of the big storage demand for bathrooms. It is best to keep everything organized as that creates space.

Keep in mind that what is practical for your family will most likely be acceptable for future buyers. Contact FC Bathroom Renovations Pretoria based today.

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