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Bathroom Tiling

At FC Bathroom Renovations we know that there are many key aspects to take into consideration when tackling a renovation project. Let FC Bathroom Renovations help you perfect your renovation.

Tiles can make a huge difference within a bathroom, the size, shape, colour and texture of the tiles as well as combinations of tiles can greatly influence the space.

Here are tips when it comes to choosing your bathroom tiles:

1.) Choose the most important tile first, the tile that you simply cannot go without, whether it being an accent tile, focal point, or simple plain floor tile.

2.) Keep it simple. Don't use too many different types of tiles, designs and colours. Try sticking to a minimum of three different designs.

3.)Don't use too many focal points. Stick to having one focus area.

Contact FC Bathroom Renovations for all your Renovation Needs from  Expert Renovators Pretoria Based.

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