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Fitting your bathroom style

There are many cases of people that want to renovate their bathrooms, but do they think of the style that they want? Of course, they do, but the real question is, is fitting your bathroom style necessary to fit the rest of the house?

As to your interior and exterior of the house, it should all connect to one style type. It not very appealing when you see a house from the outside and you think "Wow, this is a really nice and modern house" and the moment you walk into the house, you immediately wonder what went wrong, because the inside of the house is way too old-fashioned. It is understandable when there are renovations that are in the process of being finalized, but having every room a different style could confuse guests and could even give an uneasy feeling. 

Fitting your bathroom style to the rest of the house is thus important. Know what style you have, know what you eventually want and ask yourself if it is possible to achieve the style you want. Fitting your bathroom style is important!

Choosing Accessories Ror Your Bathroom Renovation

Choosing the right Accessories, Basins, Bathtubs and Toilets could make or break your Bathroom Renovation Space. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for choosing the right accessories to complement your Bathroom Renovation.

Evaluate the available space and bathroom layout - Assessing your available bathroom renovation space will allow you to avoid over-accessorizing and cluttering the space.

Choose your basic must-have accessories - Knowing what your absolute must-have accessories are will help you determine your budget.

Give extra attention to choosing the right lighting fixtures - Lighting is extremely important as you need to choose a lighting fixture that will provide enough light in your bathroom space.

Attention to Detail - The small accessories, such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, etc. can make or break a bathroom design.

Contact FCBR, FC Bathroom Renovations, for all your Bathroom Renovation Needs in Pretoria.



FC Bathroom Renovations Gauteng Based

Bathroom Renovations Gauteng Fcbr

At FCBR, FC Bathroom Renovations Gauteng based, we pride ourselves with the fact that we offer our clients professional and expert service at the very best prices enabling each client to have their dream bathroom built and renovated. FC Bathroom Renovations has been in the Bathroom Renovations Pretoria Based industry for many years offering the following services and more:

•Bathroom Painting

•Bathroom Tiling

•Carpentry (ceilings and polystyrene cornices)



•Small building alterations

•General maintenance on residential properties.


AT FCBR we offer free expert advice on what will work best for your bathroom and we assist with the purchasing of products procedure as well.

Contact FC Bathroom Renovations Gauteng based today on to receive a quotation on our great service offerings.

Bathroom Renovations in Pretoria

AT FC Bathroom Renovations we know all the tips and tricks about Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Bathroom:

Bathrooms are usually the space that one neglects when it comes to size, therefore accessories for your bathroom need to pass a strict selection process.

Overcrowded bathrooms with badly placed accessories will end up looking like a cluttered mess.


FC Bathroom Renovations top tips:

Choose simple colours that will complement your bathroom space, tiles and paint. This will add to the space you've already achieved through tiling and light fixures.

Do not over crowd your bathroom, stick to the necessities only. Choose the must have items such as bath mats, towels, etc, less is more!

To enhance your space add a large mirror, this will reflect the space of the bathroom, instantly making it feel bigger.


Contact FCBR for your Bathroom Renovations Pretoria, today!

FCBR Tile layouts

Tiles can make a huge difference within a bathroom, the size, shape, colour and texture of the tiles as well as combinations of tiles can greatly influence the space. At FC Bathroom Renovations we pride ourselves in providing our customers with different Tile Layouts to fit their unique style.

Tile Layouts we provide, include:

1.) Straight Line

2.) Horizontal

3.) Diamond

4.) Vertical

5.) Combination

6.) Mosaic

At FC Bathroom Renovations we know that there are many key aspects to take into consideration when tackling a renovation project. Let FC Bathroom Renovations help you perfect your renovation. Contact FC Bathroom Renovations for all your Renovation Needs from Expert Renovators Pretoria Based.

Bathroom Tiling

At FC Bathroom Renovations we know that there are many key aspects to take into consideration when tackling a renovation project. Let FC Bathroom Renovations help you perfect your renovation.

Tiles can make a huge difference within a bathroom, the size, shape, colour and texture of the tiles as well as combinations of tiles can greatly influence the space.

Here are tips when it comes to choosing your bathroom tiles:

1.) Choose the most important tile first, the tile that you simply cannot go without, whether it being an accent tile, focal point, or simple plain floor tile.

2.) Keep it simple. Don't use too many different types of tiles, designs and colours. Try sticking to a minimum of three different designs.

3.)Don't use too many focal points. Stick to having one focus area.

Contact FC Bathroom Renovations for all your Renovation Needs from  Expert Renovators Pretoria Based.

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